Posted on 15 04 2024

Could your dirty windows be hiding mould?

While dirty windows might seem harmless, they could actually be hiding something more concerning – mould growth.

Often unnoticed until it becomes a bigger problem, dirty windows could be a red flag signalling the presence of mould, a potential threat to your health and your home. Mould is terrible for asthma and allergy sufferers, and inhaling mould spores can lead to respiratory problems and weaken the immune system. 

Humidity, dampness, and moisture are mould's best friends, and as winter approaches, many will decide to bring their clothes and laundry inside to dry on clothes, horses and racks. Did you know this small action adds almost 2 litres of moisture to the air per load?

Pro tip: When drying clothes indoors, ensure adequate airflow! If you don't have a ventilation system, open the windows or consider a FREE Home Energy Assessment with us. One of our expert team members will determine which ventilation option best suits your home. 

There are several types of ventilation systems, from Extraction Fans to Heat Transfer Systems (great for redistributing heat around your home) and SAYR Ventilation Systems (to remove stale old air whilst providing a consistent supply of newly filtered air). 

But before you even think about installing new systems, it's crucial to check the basics. Ensuring you have efficient heating and insulation is the first step in preventing dampness and mould in your home. We'll then work to identify sources of moisture and how you can combat them. If you require an upgrade to heating or insulation, you may be eligible for a Warmer Kiwi Homes grant to cover 80% - 100% of the costs, we can assist with the application process. 

With a history of leaky homes and houses without insulation in this country, many Kiwis are used to the wet and cold; with almost 30% of households suffering from unwanted moisture or dampness. Here at GreenSide Energy Solutions we aim to help families live in warmer, dryer, healthier homes.

Say farewell to mould this winter and welcome a healthier, more comfortable home environment by getting in touch and booking a  FREE Home Energy Assessment today!



As an Owner-Occupier You May Be Eligible for a Warmer Kiwi Homes Subsidy