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Controlling the amount of moisture in your home will make it easier and cheaper to heat, and create a healthier environment.

Adequate ventilation is a critical part of creating a healthy home.

Condensation and excess moisture levels in a home can be a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and mildew. By controlling the amount of moisture in your home it will not only make it easier to heat, saving you money on your power bills, but change the breeding environment of unwanted bacteria.

Our friendly, home energy assessors offer best practice advice on ways of controlling the environment in your home to ensure that condensation, excess moisture and unwanted odours are minimised all whilst promoting the benefits of air purity.

The first step is to book your home energy assessment.

Landlords & Property Managers

In New Zealand, under the new Healthy Homes Standards rental properties must meet a certain standard. 

Installing extraction fans in the kitchen and bathrooms is a requirement of the Ventilation Standard – Healthy Homes Standards 2019.

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Extraction Fans

If condensation and moisture are a problem in your home it makes sense to target the areas in your home where most of the moisture is generated – your kitchen and bathroom.

By installing a high quality extraction fan into these service rooms, it can dramatically lower the moisture content in your home – making it drier and a much healthier place to live.

With the assistance of local manufacturers, we offer a ducted in-line fan that is designed specifically for exhaust and supply applications. They can also be used as part of room to room hot-and-cold air transfer systems.


  • Standard models include built-in 240V plug and lead which helps make installation easier
  • 150mm ducted fans for kitchens and bathrooms
  • High performance Mixed-Flow Impeller
  • Integrated foot makes fan mounting easier
  • Fan body can be easily removed easily without disturbing connected ductwork