LED Lighting

More efficient, cost effective, and even healthier, getting LED lighting installed is one of the smartest alternatives to standard lighting.

In addition to modernising your home, having LED lighting installed means they:

  • Are much more efficient and last longer
  • Convert nearly 100% of their energy into light, saving you money
  • Can have insulation installed over them – keeping you warmer in winter


LEDs and Insulation

Traditional downlights must have a 200mm gap around them when insulation is installed. This gap reduces your ceiling insulation’s ability to keep you warm in winter and can be a breeding ground for mould.

In comparison, LEDs can have insulation installed across them, resulting in a healthier home.

To find out if upgrading to LEDs is the right move for your place – book your free home energy assessment.

Your One Stop Shop For LEDs

As there are many different LED lighting options, our friendly team of experts can help you with the best choice for your home.


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