Draught Stopping

One of the most cost-effective and easy solutions is to block draughty air gaps with weather strips in your windows and doors.

We can help you identify gaps and draughts around your home as part of our Home Energy Assessment and have a range of affordable products to block gaps and sources of draughts.

Another major source of draughts is also through gaps in floorboards, which can be solved by installing proper underfloor insulation.


Landlords & Property Managers

In New Zealand, under the new Healthy Homes Standards rental properties must meet a certain standard. 

Ensuring draughts are blocked in openable windows and doors and blocking unused open fire-places is a requirement of the Draught Stopping Standard – Healthy Homes Standards 2019.

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The Warmer Kiwi Homes Programme

We are one of the larger Warmer Kiwi Homes installers.

Our insulation installers are knowledgeable, experienced and extremely good at what they do.

Also, all our work is installed to the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) standard, which meets current New Zealand standards, as required for new builds and Healthy Rental applications.

Your One Stop Shop for Draughts Stopping

GreenSide Energy Solutions will help you choose the right options for dealing with draughts in your home.

Ceiling Insulation

Underfloor Insulation

Wall Insulation

Ground Moisture Barrier

As an Owner-Occupier You May Be Eligible for a Warmer Kiwi Homes Subsidy