Posted on 13 07 2023

Keeping Your Rental Property Healthy and Safe

At GreenSide Energy Solutions, we understand the significant role landlords play in creating healthy, safe, and energy-efficient homes. With rising energy prices and increasing awareness about climate change, having an energy-efficient property is not just about keeping the heating bills down—it's about offering a healthier and more sustainable living environment for your tenants. 

But, how can you achieve this without breaking the bank? Well, that's where we come in. GreenSide offers affordable, energy-efficient insulation installations, heating, and ventilation solutions, with easy access to a plethora of government and third-party grants and subsidies. Let's explore how you can take advantage of these benefits for your rental properties. 

Affordable Energy Efficiency with GreenSide 

Energy-efficient homes are healthier homes. Proper insulation and an effective heating system can reduce the risk of dampness and mould, often associated with respiratory problems. Moreover, they can make your property more attractive to potential tenants who value both their health and the environment. 

GreenSide's insulation installation services are affordable and stress-free. We guide you through the entire process, from the initial assessment to the installation itself. Our solutions are tailored to your property, ensuring optimal efficiency for the heating and ventilation systems. 

Subsidies and Grants 

What makes the transition to an energy-efficient property even more feasible are the substantial government and third-party grants and subsidies available through GreenSide. By visiting our grants and subsidies page (, you can find out how much you could save on improving the energy efficiency of your properties. 

With these grants, landlords can significantly offset the costs of installing high-quality, energy-efficient insulation, heating, and ventilation systems. The exact amount you can save will depend on the size and condition of your property, and the improvements needed, but it's not uncommon for landlords to receive substantial contributions towards the cost. 

GreenSide is experienced in handling the application process for these subsidies and grants. We can help you navigate the sometimes-complex processes, saving you time and ensuring you maximise your benefits. 

The Long-Term Savings 

Apart from the initial financial support, creating an energy-efficient rental property will save you money in the long run. With proper insulation and energy-efficient heating and ventilation systems, overall energy usage decreases, leading to lower energy bills. These savings can make a significant difference over time, especially in properties with high energy consumption. 

In addition, a well-insulated property requires less maintenance. It can prevent structural issues related to dampness and mould, saving you expensive repair costs down the line. 

Ensuring a Healthy and Safe Home 

Ultimately, the health and safety of your tenants are paramount. As a landlord, you hold the responsibility for providing a comfortable living space. By investing in energy-efficient solutions, you contribute to a healthier, more comfortable environment, potentially reducing tenant turnover and attracting more eco-conscious renters. 

The link between insulation, ventilation, and health is strong. Improving these aspects of your rental property can significantly enhance the overall quality of life for your tenants, reducing health risks and providing a more comfortable and sustainable home. 

Taking the Next Steps 

If you're ready to improve your properties and offer a healthier and safer home for your tenants, GreenSide is ready to help. We're your trusted partner in creating energy-efficient rental properties, with expert knowledge and access to significant subsidies and grants. Visit our website today to find out how much you could save and to start making your properties healthier and safer for your tenants. 

Remember, investing in energy efficiency isn't just about the financial benefits—it's about doing your part for the environment and providing a quality home for your tenants. Trust GreenSide to guide you on this journey.


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