Posted on 07 06 2023

Moisture Management: Healthy Rentals, Happy Tenants

Understanding and effectively managing excess moisture is key to preventing mould growth in your rental properties. GreenSide, committed to fostering healthy homes for Kiwis, shares crucial tips on how to keep rentals dry, mould-free, and comfortable.

Excess moisture can damage the structure and appearance of a property, providing a perfect breeding ground for mould. Mould poses significant health risks to tenants, can devalue your property, and impact tenant satisfaction. Ensuring a clean, mould-free living space can enhance your rental returns and reduce tenant turnover.

To manage moisture levels and keep mould at bay, consider the following steps:

Ventilation: Trapped moist air often encourages mould growth. Ensure your rental has an effective ventilation system, with extractor fans in moisture-heavy rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. Regular ventilation checks and promoting the opening of windows for fresh air can significantly reduce moisture build-up.

Insulation: High-quality insulation is key to managing internal temperatures and decreasing condensation. GreenSide offers affordable, energy-efficient insulation installations. Well-insulated homes retain heat better, reducing the necessity for constant heating and thus lowering the risk of condensation and mould.

Heating: Sufficient heating prevents moisture from settling on cold surfaces, fostering a dry, healthy environment. As stipulated by the World Health Organisation, living spaces should maintain a minimum temperature of 18°C and bedrooms 16°C. GreenSide can provide cost-effective heating solutions to meet these standards.

Regular Maintenance: Regular property inspections and maintenance can help identify and rectify any moisture issues early. Stay proactive, identify warning signs, and act promptly.

GreenSide can guide you to avail government and third-party grants and subsidies, making these vital improvements more affordable. Our goal is to help you comply with the Healthy Homes Standards, ensuring your rental properties are safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

A healthy, mould-free home is integral to tenant satisfaction, their overall health, and your peace of mind. It's a win-win for everyone.

Should you need assistance in ensuring your rental property is moisture and mould-free, GreenSide is here to help. Contact us today and let's work together to create healthier, happier homes.


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