Posted on 17 10 2022

Warmer Days put Pressure on Your Heatpumps

Very soon, your tenants will reverse the cycle on their home heat pumps to provide refreshing cooling on long hot summer days. You must have these heat pumps serviced now to ensure they don’t let them down and put you in the hot seat. But be aware that every heat pump owner faces this challenge now, so servicing spots are filling up quickly.

Well-functioning heat pumps are a crucial part of Healthy Home compliance. But as your tenant’s need to heat their home decreases, you’re likely to put heat pumps out of mind. That might not be smart. These complex appliances will work their hardest in just a couple of months as tenants crank up the cooling to remove the excessive heat from their living spaces. 

We are in one of the “transition periods’ between the heating and cooling seasons - Spring and Autumn. These two times, it's critical to service heat pumps and makes them slog-ready for the upcoming season. Failure to do so could cause unnecessary wear and tear and costly service callouts.

Regular proactive servicing is the best way to ensure a heat pump continues to operate through even the highest demand periods. Energy authorities claim that well-serviced heat pumps consume up to 25% less energy than neglected ones. More importantly for landlords, regular servicing keeps homes healthier and prolongs the life of a heat pump – in some cases almost doubling their lifespan! 

Heatpumps need a professional service every six months 

While owners can conduct valuable general maintenance, only a technician should check and adjust refrigerant levels, add coolant, and repair leaks in a heat pump. They are trained to conduct maintenance on the motor and evaporator coil and can repair electrical wiring faults. 

These elements of critical servicing should be carried out at least annually but more effectively biannually in the transition periods. 

The self-help steps every landlord should take between services. 

You can clean a clogged filter on the indoor unit. It only requires a domestic vacuum cleaner but must be done regularly. The filter should be replaced in each transition period. 

Cleaning around the outdoor unit is also an easy owner’s job. It's important to regularly remove surrounding growth and clutter and clean the coil and fan to ensure the airflow is not restricted. 

Scheduling a heat pump service in both transition periods is an essential part of property management that makes good business sense. The team at Greenside Energy Solutions are expert heat pump installers, and we would like to help you keep your asset operating well for an extended lifespan. Contact us now to book a service before our technician spaces are filled. 


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