Posted on 06 08 2023

Warmer Homes Scheme For The Elderly

The Warmer Homes Scheme is designed for homeowners with pre-2008 houses lacking insulation or heat sources, residing in low-income areas and not just the elderly. This program recognises the challenges faced by those with limited resources and seeks to provide them with warmer and more comfortable homes. The Warmer Homes Scheme aims to enhance their quality of life, promote better health, and ensure a safe living environment by addressing heating and insulation needs.


How does the Warmer Homes Scheme work?

First, you will need to check your eligibility for the program, visit this link to know more. If you reside in zones 8, 9, or 10, chances are you qualify. Alternatively, contact our experienced team at 0800 789 276 for personalized assistance in determining your eligibility.

Next, a qualified professional, such as GreenSide, will conduct a thorough assessment of your home to identify areas requiring improvement. This includes evaluating heating systems, insulation levels, ventilation, and energy efficiency. Based on the assessment, tailored solutions are implemented to address specific needs and ensure optimal thermal comfort.


Is there a government subsidy for heat pumps?

Yes, the New Zealand government offers subsidies for heat pumps through various programs such as the Warmer Kiwi Homes Program. These subsidies aim to make heat pump installations more accessible and affordable for eligible homeowners.

As an approved service provider under the Warmer Kiwi Homes Program by EECA, we provide a diverse selection of leading heat pump brands like Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Hitachi, and more. Our skilled technicians will guide you through brand options, discuss placement considerations, and provide pricing details to ensure the best fit for your needs.


As an Owner-Occupier You May Be Eligible for a Warmer Kiwi Homes Subsidy