Posted on 10 11 2020

Why Heat Pumps Are Great In Summer

In New Zealand, heating during winter is usually the primary reason most people buy a heat pump. However, virtually all heat pumps in New Zealand are ‘reverse-cycle,’ meaning they can be used for both heating and cooling, making them just as great for hot summer days and nights.

Heat pumps, also known as ‘reverse cycle air conditioners, ’ work by taking heat from the air outside your house and transferring it inside, using a sophisticated compressor, fan, and refrigerant gases.

There can be a perception that heat pumps are expensive and inefficient to run in summer. However, in reality, heat pumps are a fantastic cooling option, helping you stay comfortable during the day and sleep better at night. 

Cool your home with one device and eliminate outdated cooling methods

Heat pumps allow you to reduce your heating and cooling requirements down to a single easy-to-use device. When a heat pump is set to cool mode, the indoor units heat exchanging absorbs heat from inside the home, using the refrigerant as the heat transfer medium, to pump warm air outside, cooling the air inside the house.

When appropriately maintained, heat pumps can last up to 15 years, so you can say goodbye to energy-guzzling and inefficient cooling methods like electric and ceiling fans, reducing your energy consumption and creating a more eco-friendly home. 

Save money with inverter technology

Heat pumps use inverter technology, which uses a variable-speed compressor motor that continuously slows down and speeds up, enabling desired temperatures to be reached quickly and maintained efficiently. Inverter technology uses significantly less energy than the fixed speed systems that older heating methods use, saving you up to 30%.

Smart summer tips for efficient, cost-effective heat pump use

If you are planning to use a heat pump to keep your home cool this summer, these simple tips will help you keep your heat pump use down, use it more efficiently, and ensure you don’t blow out your summer power bills:

  • • Have your heat pump inspected and serviced – get an experienced technician to service your heat pump to test connections, monitor airflow, and perform other checks to ensure that your heat pump is in good working order and will function efficiently all summer. Regular services will extend the life of your heat pump and reduce the likelihood of issues or breakdowns.
  • • Check your filters – your technician should do this as part of your regular inspection, but it is also good practice to regularly check your filters yourself. Your filters should be changed every month to three months, depending on how regularly you run your heat pump. A heat pump with clean filters will operate more efficiently with lower running costs.
  • • Reduce the load – close your curtains during periods of direct sunlight through the windows, and open windows and doors to allow the breeze to move built-up hot air out of the house before turning on the heat pump to lessen the work the pump has to do.
  • • Adjust your heat pump settings  – make sure your heat pump is set to COOL, not HEAT, and that the fan is set to AUTO instead of ON. This will prevent the fan from running all day and night, saving you money and reducing wear and tear on your system.
  • • Experiment with different modes – the Dehumidifying and Fan Only modes of heat pumps are more energy-efficient than the full COOL mode and may be sufficient to keep you comfortable.
  • • Don’t set the temperature too low – a room doesn’t cool any faster by setting a lower temperature, and by setting the temperature low to start with, you end up uncomfortable and playing with the thermostat, which is inefficient and puts extra pressure on your system. For cooling, it is best to start a temperature of 21 – 22˚C and adjust from there.
  • • Use the timer – use the timer to turn the heat pump on just before you get home,  just before you go to bed, or switch off a few hours after you go to bed to ensure the heat pump is not running unnecessarily. Often having the heat pump on for just a few hours at night is enough to improve your sleep.

With so many heat pump brands and heat pump sizes, deciding on the right heat pump can be confusing. As experts in heat pumps, GreenSide Energy Solutions can recommend, supply, and install the units that will provide you with the most value for money. 

Our friendly home energy assessors can offer best practice advice on selecting a heat pump that can keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer and contribute to your overall home health.

The first step is to contact us to book your home energy assessment!


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