Posted on 21 06 2024

Why Kiwis Should Take Advantage of the Heat Pump Subsidy

For Kiwis seeking to enhance their home comfort while reducing energy cost, the New Zealand government’s Heat Pump Subsidy, as part of its Warmer Kiwi Homes Program, could help. The government heat pump grant assists to create a comfortable and healthy living environment for New Zealanders by establishing consistent temperatures and humidity levels indoors. This is particularly important for elderly and young people as well as those who find themselves in a dwelling that is less than ideal. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the heat pump subsidy and other house insulation grants along with possible insulation options for your home. Below are some key considerations to take in when deciding to apply for the government heat pump subsidy.

Warmer Kiwi Homes Program Heat Pump Subsidy

The Warmer Kiwi Home Program presents a valuable opportunity for Kiwis to embrace energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions that offer comfort, cost savings, environmental sustainability, and government support. By taking advantage of the program to install heat pumps in their homes, New Zealanders can enjoy the benefits of efficient climate control, likely lower energy bills and improved indoor air quality. With heat pumps becoming increasingly accessible and affordable through this program, now is the perfect time for Kiwis to seize the opportunity to improve their immediate living environment.

Health and Wellbeing Benefits

In addition to providing cost-effective and eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions, heat pumps offer health and wellbeing benefits for occupants. By maintaining consistent indoor temperatures and humidity levels, heat pumps help create a comfortable and healthy living environment that promotes respiratory health, reduces allergens and pollutants, and enhances overall indoor air quality. Improved indoor comfort and air quality contribute to greater occupant satisfaction and wellbeing, supporting a happier and healthier lifestyle for Kiwi families.

The State of New Zealand’s Houses

Based on data from Statistics New Zealand, 1 in 5 homes were sometimes damp and 1 in 6 had mould present that was larger than a piece of A4 paper. Similarly, 1 in 5 New Zealanders lived in homes that were either always or often cold in winter. For Pacific peoples this figure rose to 2 in 5 people. Living conditions were worst for renters and for households with 4 or more people. Rental properties, in particular, were less likely to have double glazed windows, maintained facilities and are, on average, more cramped than owner-occupied dwellings. 

Household crowding was particularly pronounced in Auckland with 1 in 4 households being deemed as being “crowded”. Nationally, 1 in 9 New Zealanders lived in a household that could be considered crowded. Concerningly, 1% of New Zealanders can be deemed as being “severely housing deprived”. 

Start Your Healthier Home Journey Today

If you think that your home, or the home of a relative or friend, could benefit from the Warmer Kiwi Homes Program heat pump subsidy, get in touch with the team at Greenside today. We have helped over 50,000 kiwis to get into comfortable, healthier homes. 

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If you own a home, hold a Community Services Card, or live in a low-income area (DEP 7, 8, 9, or 10), you might be eligible for additional support through a subsidy. We can help you navigate the subsidy options available and ensure you receive the maximum support you're entitled to.


As an Owner-Occupier You May Be Eligible for a Warmer Kiwi Homes Subsidy