Posted on 13 12 2023

Creating an Asthma-Friendly Home

Hundreds of thousands of Kiwis struggle with the challenges of asthma or respiratory diseases, many of whom are children. 

Proper ventilation is not just a luxury; it's necessary for those dealing with asthma. At GreenSide Energy Solutions, we understand the importance of breathing clean, dry air and the critical connection between a healthy home and respiratory health. In this blog, we cover practical steps to help reduce moisture and improve the air quality in your home. 

Moisture Reduction Tips

To kick things off, we're looking at actionable tips to help reduce moisture. Ventilation systems such as extractor fans and range hoods in kitchens and bathrooms help to control excess moisture generated during cooking and washing. 

Turn the fan on before a shower or bath and ensure the window is slightly ajar to help improve airflow and the extractor's effectiveness. 

Another top tip is to avoid drying clothes indoors to reduce excess moisture in the air. Each load can put up to 2 litres into the atmosphere!

Heat Transfer Systems

Our Heat Transfer Systems optimise energy efficiency and create a comfortable living environment by transferring heat between rooms. 

Dry, warm air is drawn from the roof, filtered, and distributed throughout the home, while stale air is removed, ensuring a continuous flow of fresh, filtered air. This process reduces moisture and helps create a well-ventilated, healthy home.

Positive Pressure Ventilation System (SAYR)

Taking Heat Transfer Systems to the next level, SAYR systems remove stale air while maintaining a positive pressure environment, proactively preventing damp and contaminated air from entering your home. This system ensures a consistent supply of newly filtered air, effectively combating dampness for a healthier living space.

Here at GrennSide Energy Solutions, we are dedicated to helping you breathe easy in your home. Remember, there is more to clean and fresh air than simply opening the windows and letting a breeze in; reducing moisture and contaminants is vital. 

Take the first step towards a healthier home by booking a home energy assessment with us today and experience the difference with GreenSide Energy Solutions.



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