Posted on 13 12 2023

Finding The Perfect Temperature In Summer

Summer is on the way, and whilst we all love the heat outside, we also want to ensure our homes stay nice and cool. This month's blog covers temperature settings, heat pumps and humidity.

Keeping Cool: The Ins and Outs

First, cooling your home works the same way as heating it does, but in reverse! Keep the cool air inside by closing windows, doors, and curtains. Here's a pro tip: insulation isn't just for staying warm in winter; it's your secret weapon for keeping things comfortably cool in the summer. 

Perfecting Temperature Settings

Now, onto those temperature settings. Aiming for around 23°C - 25°C on cooling in summer gives you the perfect balance between cool and energy efficiency. 

Adjust to find your sweet spot, remembering that lower temperatures won't cool your home faster but will work your unit much harder – meaning you'll use more energy.

Humidity Hassles: Dehumidifier Setting

Sometimes, it's not just the heat but the sticky humidity that gets under our skin. Luckily, most AC and Heat Pump units are armed with a dehumidifier setting. Flip that switch, and suddenly, your space feels cooler and lighter. Say goodbye to stickiness and hello to a breezy haven.

A Heat Pump will keep me cool?

Let's talk heat pumps – they're not just for winter. These versatile systems can keep you cool in the summer, too. By working in reverse, heat pumps draw heat from your home and kick it outside, delivering efficient cooling. It's a smart, year-round solution for temperature control.

With so many heat pump brands and sizes on the market, deciding on the right heat pump can be confusing! As expert heat pump installers, our team at GreenSide Energy Solutions can recommend, supply and install the unit that will provide you with the most value for money.

Grants for Comfort: Warmer Kiwi Homes Initiative

Don't have a heat pump? You might be eligible for a subsidy of 80% or more! Check your Warmer Kiwi Homes grant eligibility here and book in for a FREE Home Energy assessment TODAY



As an Owner-Occupier You May Be Eligible for a Warmer Kiwi Homes Subsidy