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Get Insulated with Healthy Homes

Recently we were in the news! We reminded Kiwis again the importance of dry and healthy homes. Reporting by Alexandra Nelson. Here’s what was published –

Summer might be on its way but now is the perfect time to consider getting home insulation.

It’s important in preventing the dampness, mould and mites that crowded South Auckland homes are at high risk of.

The probability of catching a respiratory illness increases if a home isn’t insulated.

Getting insulation installed now means homes will be set up for next winter.

A free Healthy Homes programme is available to help but it won’t be around forever.

The programme is a partnership with Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority and began in July 2013.

It delivers free ceiling and underfloor insulation to low-income households with health needs relating to cold, damp housing.

But it all comes to an end in July next year.

GreenStar Energy Solutions is a free insulation service provider based in Otahuhu and operations manager Rob Leaupepe-Hansell is concerned at the number of residents in Mangere and Otahuhu who still don’t have appropriate living conditions.

Even though the service is free, the numbers taking up the offer are still “pretty low” relative to everyone else living in South Auckland, he says.

“There’s lots of high density housing. A lot of people are living in these houses. A lot of crowding, massive overcrowding.

“Not living in an insulated house… increases your chances of exasperating already pre-existing health conditions such as asthma and other respiratory illness.”

GreenStar works with local home owners, rental agencies and Alliance Health.

Dr Robert Woonton from Alliance Health refers home owners and tenants to GreenStar and says the health risks of not having insulation are huge, especially in overcrowded homes.

“It is common knowledge that Maori and Pacific children are the most prone to develop rheumatic fever. Cold damp homes are a significant contributing factor in the early stages of rheumatic fever and eventually heart valve damage.”

The Healthy Home programme finishes June 30 2016. Anybody who goes through the programme will also receive a free set of curtains from the South Auckland Curtain Bank.